Current situation in Germany

1.82 Million 

open vacancies reported in Germany 

(November 2022)

Germany  is the country with the highest population in Europe with around 83 millions people living there. 

 Even after crisis like Corona or currently war in Ukraine Germanys companies are seeking for employees and they still cannot afford all of their open requests.

In many sectors of Industries there are lot of open job position available and also with reducing the conditions to apply for a Germany visa this problem is still.


A list of Industries and open job sector can be found in that blog post.


To summarize the authorities of employment just recently published their current numbers for Q3 of open positions and it is still rated with 1,82 million of open vacanciesIn comparison to 2021 the number of open vacancies is therefore 32% higher then in 2021 which had many influence of Corona crisis.Source: Link 

To sum up it is still clear that there is a huge demand of employees and people who want to want in Germany.